Gas & Wood Heating Installation

Gas & Wood Heaters Installed by Professionals

There is nothing more relaxing than lounging by a roaring fire on a cold winter's night. If you are considering installing a wood or gas heater in your home, the heating professionals at Masterguard are here to help.

We can take your dream of a perfect gas or wood heater in Adelaide and have your new heating appliance installed so you are prepared for those cold winter nights. Our showroom has a great range of gas and wood heaters on display for you to view and ask questions about which heating appliance is right for you.

Our professionals can arrange for delivery and installation of your new gas or wood heater in Adelaide to make the process as simple as possible. Masterguard guarantee the installation of your new gas or wood heater in Adelaide will be completed efficiently and correctly to ensure you can enjoy the warmth of your new heating appliance for many years to come.

Wood & Gas Heating for Every Home

Masterguard offers a range of gas and wood heaters in a range of styles and sizes to suit every home. We have a range of wood and gas heaters in Adelaide that are ideal for smaller spaces such as the compact Nectre 15 which will efficiently heat your living space without overcrowding the room. We also offer larger, freestanding wood heaters in Adelaide such as the Nectre mega which will fill your large living area with warmth. We stock many trusted, quality brands of wood and gas heaters in Adelaide including  Eureka, Masport and Osburn which are popular choices.

We also have outdoor stoves and fire cookers, such as Jindara brand cookers, which are great for celebrating family occasions and holidays such as the Queen’s Birthday outside during the cooler months.

At our showroom, you’ll even find a range of spare parts for gas or wood heaters, including door seals and safety guards to make sure that your family stays safe and warm this season.

Before winter hits, make sure to inspect your gas or wood heater. Some things to look out for in your heaters are worn door seals or cracked fire bricks. If you notice problems with any of the parts of your wood or gas heater, be sure to replace them before you use your heater this winter.

Contact us or come by the Masterguard showroom in Gawler to learn more about the wood and gas heater options we have available.

Osburn Silver Feature 2300 Freestanding Wood Heater Adelaide

Osburn 2300


Lopi Republic 1250


Nectre 15


Eureka Garnet Insert


Heatmaster Seamless Gas


Jindara Kimberley Insert


Lopi 864 Clean Face 40k GS2

Supply and Installation

Masterguard do it all when it comes to wood or gas heating. Our personalised service includes the supply and installation of the heater to your home.