Jindara Tilga Insert

The apex of Australian wood heating! The visually striking Tilga insert wood heater offers the very best of Jindara design, functionality and endeavour.

Their narrow fascia’s allow the heater to sit neatly within your wall or fireplace. Take comfort as the warmth is generously distributed throughout your home.

Capacity: 240m2
Log Length: 540mm
Flue Size: 150mm
Efficiency: 74%*
Emissions: 1.0g/kg
Output: 12kW

(Jindara Heater Range)


  • Sleek & modern design
  • 3-Speed fan with thermostatic switch
  • Cast iron lined
  • 8mm steel baffle plate
  • 10 Year firebox warranty
  • Dual pre-heated primary air
  • Dual-action handle latch
  • Zero Clearance option features “flush-fit” fascia (3mm)

Tilga Masonry Dimensions

Height: 640mm
Width: 855mm
Fascia Depth: 16mm

Tilga ZC Dimensions

Height: 674mm
Width: 850mm
Fascia Depth: 3mm


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