Jindara Hamersley

The Jindara Hamersley Insert wood heater features a satin black trim strip To heat up to 260m2

Capacity: 260m2
Log Length: 570mm
Flue Size: 150mm
Efficiency: 64%*
Emissions: 1.0g/kg
Output: 15kW

(Jindara Heater Range)


  • Huge, self cleaning fireplace window
  • Quiet, high performance fans
  • Heavy duty steel firebox
  • Heavy gauge, thick cast iron liners (heat retaining)
  • Firebrick lined woodheater base
  • Deep firebox for infrequent cleaning
  • Long lasting 8mm steel baffle plate

Overall Dimensions

Height: 750mm
Width: 1010mm
Fascia Depth: 105mm

Rear Casing Dimensions

Height: 630mm
Width: 665mm
Depth: 430mm

Firebox Dimensions

Height: 339mm
Width: 582mm
Depth: 370mm

Other Dimensions

Capacity: 260m2
Door Opening (Height x Width):
239mm x 602mm
Glass Viewing Size (Height x Width):
263mm x 566mm
Flue Size:
Back of Woodheater to Flue Centre:
Shipping Weight:

Hearth & Clearance Requirements

Min. Hearth Width: 1000mm
Min. Hearth Depth: 600mm
Min. Hearth Thickness: 18mm
Clearance to Mantle Upright: 150mm
Clearance to Mantle Shelf (From Appliance Base): 1225mm
Clearance to Mantle Breast Plate (From Appliance Base): 975mm