Eureka Stockade Insert

The Eureka Stockade Insert wood heater is a powerful wood heater, with a huge opening and viewing glass is designed to heat 240m2.

Brick lined and double rolled baffle, the Stockade looks great in any application.

Capacity: 240m2
Log Length: 545mm
Flue Size: 150mm
Efficiency: 67%*
Emissions: 1.5 g/kg
Output: 17kW

(Eureka Heater Range)


  • Sacrificial replaceable 8mm thick baffle plate.
  • Quality high volume 3 speed fan.
  • Secondary air injection to enhance combustion efficiency and reduce harmful emissions.
  • Excellent overnight burn capacity. Heats up to 24 squares.
  • Firebrick lined for better combustion efficiency and maximum firebox protection.
  • High quality, heat resistant paint finish, with touch up paint readily available.

Fascia Dimensions

Capacity: Up to 240m2
Facia Height: 758mm
Facia Width: 922mm
Facia Depth: 42mm
Rear Casing Height: 635mm
Rear Casing Width: 631mm
Rear Casing Depth: 430mm
Flue Size: 150mm
Weight: 145kg
Back of woodheater to centre of flue: 134mm
Back of fascia to centre of flue: 296mm

Clearances and Hearth Dimensions

Minimum Hearth Size: Width: 948mm – Depth: 550mm – Thickness: 12mm
(510mm in front of woodheater base)**
To Side Member: 50mm
From top of appliance to underside of mantle: 634mm
Top of appliance to timber mantle breast plate: 584mm
From back of fascia to front of flue spigot: 213mm

*Peak efficiency % quoted

**To achieve a minimum hearth depth of 400mm, unit must be raised by minimum 82mm