Eureka Jewel Insert

The Eureka Jewel Insert wood heater is part of Eureka’s double sided range, which offers a variety of options in terms of size and style. The pinnacle of wood heater design is showcased in the stunning Jewel Insert, which will provide gorgeous views of flickering flames to two areas of your home.

Capacity: 400m2
Log Length: 530mm
Flue Size: 175mm
Efficiency: 62%*
Emissions: 1.2g/kg
Output: 25+kW

(Eureka Heater Range)


  • 2x 3-speed fans
  • Cast iron lined
  • 8mm baffle plate
  • 10 year firebox warranty
  • Dual-action handle latch
  • Thermostatic fan control
  • Masonry installation
  • Complies to AS/NZS 2918.2001, AS/NZS 4012/4013

Fascia Dimensions

Capacity: Up to 400m2
Facia Height: 692mm
Facia Width: 875mm
Facia Depth: 16mm
Rear Casing Height: 644mm
Rear Casing Width: 751mm
Rear Casing Depth: 708mm

Clearances and Hearth Dimensions

Minimum Hearth Size: Width: 940mm – Depth: 1890mm – Thickness: 32mm
(570mm in front of wood heater base)**

*Peak efficiency % quoted

**To achieve a minimum hearth depth of 400mm, unit must be raised by minimum 103mm