Lopi 864 Clean Face 31K GS2

The 864 CF 31K GS2 is standard with the ‘Clean Face’ meaning you can finish this fireplace in a minimal way without the need for grills. The 864 CF 31K GS2 is perfect for medium sized rooms or as a beautiful, decorative fire all year long. It features a wide Mj turn down range for more heat flexibility and flame viewing options.

New features on this model now included are overhead lighting and Ember-Glo accent lighting. Use your fireplace as a lighting feature all year round!

The 864CF 31K G2S features 864 square inches of viewing area. You have virtually unlimited flame variation with our Comfort Control switch and the variable flame control. Use all 31Mjs of flame on the coldest winter nights or turn it down to only 7Mj (NG) or 5.5Mj (LPG) for a romantic firelight on a warmer night. You can enjoy a full flame fire with maximum height or use the variable flame control to turn the flames lower when you want less heat. Use the Comfort Control switch to turn off the rear burner completely for a darker, more romantic fire and less heat.

Heating Capacity: Up to 125m2
Mj Input: 31 Mj High 7 Mj Low NG 5.5 Mj Low LPG
Kw Output: 7.13kW
Visible Glass Size: 865 wide x 570mm high
Installation Type: Zero Clearance
Blower: Dual Blowers
Burner System: Dual Burner Dancing-Fyre GreenSmart 2
Accent Lights: Rear & Top Lights Standard
Remote Control: GreenSmart 2 Wall Thermostat Remote Standard

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