Lopi ProBuilder 72 GS2

The ProBuilder™ 72 GS2 features everything available on the 72 GSB model with the addition of GreenSmart® 2 technology. It is over 1.9 metres wide and comes standard with Accent Lighting, GreenSmart® 2 Remote, additional media options and a symmetrical fascia. This fireplace is designed to provide comforting radiant heat plus excellent natural convection to homes and living spaces up to 200sqm with all the benefits of our premium features.

Heating Capacity: Up to 200m2
Mj Input: High 43.8Mj NG & LPG Low NG 23.1Mj | LPG 22.3Mj
Kw Output: 6.56
Viewing Screen: 1924mm wide x 521mm high

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(Lopi Linear Gas Fireplace Range)

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