Heatmaster Seamless Glass


The Heatmaster Seamless gas heater is an award winning gas fireplace at the forefront of fireplace design with a sleek and highly contemporary landscape finish. The Seamless glass fronted gas fire was designed with architects, builders and home owners in mind to create an integrated unit which is non-obtrusive and fits perfectly into a modern home. This landscape fireplace is available with an Australian drift wood log set, and comes standard with a programmable thermostat remote control and Wi-Fi capability.

Note Available in Natural Gas Only.

The Heatmaster Seamless gas fireplace is packed with multiple features, some include:

  • Very clean landscape design with great attention to detail and quality
  • Double glazed glass window with realistic looking Australian Coast driftwood glowing logs
  • Unique low firebox design with zero clearance to allow installation after framing
  • Use of two very small, flexible flues to simplify installation with multiple fluing options (including vertical, horizontal and under floor)
  • Programmable thermostat remote control included
  • Heating capacity approx 100 sq meters
  • 4 stars
  • Proudly Australian Made

(Heatmaster Seamless Landscape Gas Fireplace)


Heatmaster Seamless Log Set Insert:

In a mission to accurately replicate true Australian wood, much time was spent collecting and moulding various types of timber. The final result is the flowing coast wattle driftwood with great attention to detail and beautiful glowing embers.





Vertical cowl
(D) 80mm x (W) 220mm with 150mm dia x 900mm length stainless pipe

Horizontal cowl 
(D) 80mm x (W) 220mm

For complete, scale drawings click here Architectural Drawings