Jindara Sturt

The Jindara Sturt is known all around Australia for its functionality and hardworking nature. This tough as nails radiant style unit has an exceptionally deep firebox, allowing you to fit logs that similar sized units would be envious of.

The Sturt also incorporates a radiant cook top for your pots and pans, as well as a raised shelf for simmering. The Jindara Sturt truly is a tireless contributor to any Aussie home.

Capacity: 180m2
Log Length: 485mm
Flue Size: 150mm
Efficiency: 69%*
Emissions: 1.1g/kg
Output: 16kW

(Jindara Heater Range)


  • Boil & simmer on top or back shelf
  • Firebrick lined
  • Extra deep firebox for easy loading
  • 10 Year firebox warranty
  • Optional 3-speed fan


Height: 660mm
Width: 610mm
Depth: 650mm


Rear: 50mm
Side: 550mm
Corner: 170mm