Gas Heaters

The Best Brands of Gas Heaters at the BEST Prices

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Gas Heating is the Affordable Option for Every Home

Gas Heaters create a stunning focal point in any home but there are so many other reasons to consider gas heating with benefits such as:

Lower Your Bills with Cost Effective Heating

With a superior output of heat, your home will heat faster and use less energy with a gas heating system in comparison to an electric heater. The operating costs of a gas heater are considerably lower than using electric heating options which can be very expensive.

More Heat Effective than Reverse Cycle Systems

Unlike reverse cycle systems, a gas heater can effectively heat a space at a much lower cost.

Ability to Heat Open Plan Homes

Gas heaters are capable of heating larger spaces due to their increased heat output which allows them to heat open plan living areas much more effectively.

Reliable Heating Solution

Don’t fall victim to power outages! With the use of gas heating, you will have a reliable source of gas to heat your home without depending on electricity or wood supply.

Eco Friendly Heating

As a low emission alternative, gas heating can lower your overall emissions by up to 85% in comparison with other heating options available.

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Classic or Modern Gas Heaters – The Choice is Yours!

With so many designs in Gas Heating to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect gas heater for your home at Masterguard Security. Our team can offer advice about running costs, heating capacity and installation to make sure all of your questions about gas heaters in Adelaide are answered.

Call Masterguard Security to ask more about our gas heating collection or prices on a specific model or brand you are interested in. Alternatively, visit our showroom to view a large showcase of gas heating models available for installation within two weeks.