Solar water heaters work by absorbing energy from the sun’s rays in roof mounted solar collectors and transferring it to the water stored in the ground mounted storage tank.

Ground mounted systems employ inbuilt pumps to push the fluid through the system. The split design of the system reduces the roof’s structural load, as only the low profile solar collectors are installed on the roof.

Which system you choose will depend on where in Australia you live, which way your home faces and even the pitch of your roof. So it’s important to talk to your local Rheem Solar Specialist about the Rheem solar water heater that is ideal for you. And, your local Rheem Solar Specialist has all the latest information on the currently available Solar Incentives – ask them how much you can claim.

How Solar Works

Solar water heaters work by absorbing energy from the sun’s rays in the roof mounted solar collectors and transferring this to heat water stored in the tank. Ground mounted direct systems rely on an inbuilt circulator to push the water through the system, whereas roof mounted systems rely on a natural ‘thermosiphon’ effect. Water passes through the solar collector where it is heated, then moves out of the collector and into the tank. The tank gradually gets hotter until the water reaches its maximum stored temperature. Indirect systems use a special heating fluid, rather than water to absorb heat from the collectors. The heat is transferred to the water in the tank via a heat exchanger.

Premier Loline Series

Specifically designed for environments prone to frost, the Rheem Premier® Loline incorporates Drain Back heat exchange technology to maximise solar gain and protect against all weather extremes. The Premier Loline replaces water in the collectors with a special heat exchange fluid with anti-freeze properties. The design is both safe and efficient, as fluid drains out of the collectors to prevent freezing and heat loss in cold conditions, and overheating in hot climates.


Loline Series

Rheem Loline® Solar water heaters use roof mounted solar collectors to absorb heat energy from the sun, which is transferred to water stored in the tank at ground level. These efficient collectors help reduce the production of greenhouse gas emissions. And, to ensure you have hot water all year round, Rheem Loline® Solar water heaters can be electric or gas boosted, with automatic electronic controls.

If you need an emergency replacement, you can run this water heater on its electric boost until your collectors are installed.