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In days bygone, it was customary to have a small fire in just about every room of the house. It's easy to understand people's love affair with the intimate atmosphere and warmth these traditional open fires produced. Today, many would like to retain the atmosphere but don't want the ash and the odour.
With the Nectre Gas Flame range of decorative coal fires, you will enjoy the dancing flames and comforting warmth of a real fire without the mess.
Designed to be installed into existing or approved fireplaces, your empty fireplace will again be the focal point of the room.


The 290C model has been designed to fit most Edwardian and Victorian style fireplaces with few modifications. The 420C Gas Flame will fit larger grates or our 600 basket grate. This is easily fitted into a brick open fireplace or a steel firebox, designed to circulate the hot air with greater efficiency. If your chimney is in sound condition, all you will need to complete installation of either model is a 150mm diameter gas cowl.


The Nectre Gas Flame uses a unique double burner system. A primary burner heats the high efficiency coals to temperatures exceeding 1000 degrees Celsius, providing good radiant heat and a cosy glow. A secondary burner across the front of the fire provides a wafting yellow flame for a realistic fire effect. The Nectre Gas Flame will provide good background warmth in an average room. (Average room being 4mx4mx3m).


Gas Flame 290C

Length: 280 mm
Width: 120 mm
Depth: 245 mm

Gas Flame 420C

Length: 410 mm
Width: 120 mm
Depth: 245 mm

Gas Flame 600 Grate

Length: 520 mm
Width: 300 mm
Depth: 220 mm

gas flame range nectre

Gas Flame 290C fitted into existing Lux fireplace


gas flame 600 Grate nectre

600 Grate


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