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For more than 20 years, Pivotech has produced a range of shower enclosures that have set the standard for craftsmanship and value for money. Bathroom design is a fashion business and our design team continue to expand our range of products, meeting the ever-changing needs of our customers and ensuring that Pivotech products are both fashionable and functional. Using the highest quality materials, our systems continue to be an investment in quality and style. Evolution shower enclosures are designed with the versatility to adapt to numerous applications and configurations, combined with the ease of installation and quality of components that our customers rely on. 

Elegance without compromise – designed simplicity.


Masterguard shower screens Pivotech Evolution 90 Masterguard shower screens Pivotech Evolution 45 Masterguard shower screens Pivotech Evolution Panel

Evolution - 90º

The Evolution series features a frameless door for a stylish, spacious feel. The new extrusion profile gives the classic design a contemporary look and makes the enclosure even easier to clean.

Evolution - 45º

45° enclosure allows more flexible use of available space. This configuration allows the placement of vanity and toilet on either side of the screen without compromising the door opening.

Evolution - 90º with Panel

The addition of an infill panel allows the Evolution to be enlarged to suit even the largest bathroom, while keeping the door at a convenient size. The frameless door with panel maintain the airy, spacious feel..



Magnetic closing catch Masterguard Pivotech   Pivot patch fitting Masterguard Pivotech   Optional stylish handles Masterguard Pivotech   Uniquely shaped profile Masterguard Pivotech

Magnetic Closing Catch

Positive-close magnetic catch ensures the door closes perfectly in line, every time.

Pivot Patch Fitting

Elegant and unobtrusive door pivots are colour matched to co-ordinate with the frame.

Stainless steel hinge pins are designed to give a lifetime of trouble-free use.

Optional Stylish Handles

Optional handles offer an even more elegant look to enhance any enclosure.

D handle or finger pull available.

Uniquely Shaped Profile

The integrated Evolution profile directs water back into the shower area for ease of cleaning in a modern slimline frame.



Masterguard shower screens Pivotech Evolution configurations




shower screen finishes bright silver
Bright Silver
shower screen finishes matt natural
Matt Natural
shower screen finishes bright gold
Bright Gold
shower screen finishes pearl white
Pearl White
shower screen finishes white-birch
White Birch
shower screen finishes barley

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